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• An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product providing process manufacturers the ability to operate their businesses more effectively with less effort and at lower costs.

• It is used for a wide variety of process manufacturers including Food and Beverages, Paints and Coatings, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, among many others.

• This Software solution provides the tools to manage complex, multiple level formulas/recipes, with multiple packaging, coupled with both a strong manufacturing and distribution solution.


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Fish and fish products are one of our most valuable sources of protein food. World wide, people
obtain about 25% of their animal protein from fish and shell fish. The importance of fish is that it
gives you omega-3 and protein that you body needs in your diet.
For  this  the  safety  of  seafood  products  continues  to  be  a  major  concern  for  consumers.  And researchers are looking for ways that processors can protect the pleasing flavor and texture of fish while reducing or eliminating contamination by foodborne pathogens.
Most  fish  related  foodborne  illnesses  are  traced  to  Enterobacteriaceae,  Staphylococcus  spp., Pseudomonas and Vibrio parahemolyticus.

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Most  bacteria  cannot  grow  at  0.86  aw  and  lower.  This  includes  all  of
the  Gram-Negative  organisms  of  importance  to  water–based
cosmetics and toiletries.


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Why food safety is a concern?

The world is faced with the challenges of meeting ever increasing safety and security demands in different regions.


Some of the recent food safety recall scares:

-E.coli-tainted spinach,Salmonella-infected tomatoes in the United States
-the pesticide-laden rice in Japan
-the melamine-laced baby formula milk in China
-the dioxin-contaminated pork in the European Union

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How Can MEFOSA Help Your Hospital Get Accredited?

MEFOSA can assist and provide your hospitals with an integrated package of services and technoligies which comprises consultation, training, auditing & assistance in the certification process and provision of the right technology and apparatus. MEFOSA emphasizes in particular on hygiene practices, food traceability & delivery control. And, our supportive staff is always ready to respond quickly to your inquiries and to offer the right solutions.     

This will help your esteemed hospital acquire and sustain the highest quality standards (ISO 22000, GHP…) which will guarantee the satisfaction of your patients.



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The management   of   a   Food   Safety   system    is   more    than   ever   necessary    to guarantee    the quality  of  your  products,  gain  new market  shares  and  sustain  your image and reputation  shielded  from a    bad    advertising. We are here to help you serve food safely…


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