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MEFOSA (sarl)
126 Sourati St., Lions Bldg # 301
P.O. Box: 113-6382, Hamra,
Beirut 1103 2120, LEBANON
T/F: 00961 1 745744 / 739986
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MEFOSA Technologies, Consultancies, Auditing, Training ,Research and more…

Food Quality & Safety Auditing

MEFOSA is specialized in raising food hygiene and quality standards in companies engaged in catering, processing and distribution of food products. We aim to provide a service designed to ensure the safety of your products and your customers. We offer food safety training services that help to fill in the identified gaps and aid in implementation activities. These services can be used in conjunction with other consulting services that we offer or as stand alone programs. We will work to develop HACCP / Hazard Analysis systems designed to ensure the safety of your products and suitable for your business. A full implementation service including the training of staff is available and follow up audits are undertaken on a regular basis.

Food Security & Agribusiness Consultancy

The objective of the Agri Business Consultancy Services is to provide quality consulting to entrepreneurs who venture into Hi-Tech agriculture. We offer a package of comprehensive services to a wide range of clientele. Our services cover agricultural primary production, included horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries (maritime and fresh water) and aquaculture (incl. health), Land management (land reform, land use planning and farm restructuring), rural infrastructure incl. irrigation and drainage, Equipment definition (agriculture equipment, laboratories...), Crop protection and disease control, Animal production and health Conservation, storage, processing and packaging, Agricultural production and marketing groups (inclusive of co-operatives, filiére, marketing boards, etc…), Food/ Agricultural Traceability Services and Rural extension services.

Sustainability and Policy Development

Lebanon is known for its free economy which is however hindered by the region’s instability. MEFOSA is hence concerned with the growth of the Lebanese industry, economy, and trade through the development of national, regional, and international policies.

MEFOSA is engaged in several activities such as research on issues of public, social, and economic policy in coordination with the Ministry of Industry to evaluate and assist the industrial sector aiming at increasing production and exports. In view of that, it is important to developing a proper infrastructure from managerial and technical levels, and implementing the appropriate strategies and procedure to insure the corresponding human resources, marketing, and financial plans.

MEFOSA is also engaged in policy development such as research on issues of public, social, and economic policy in coordination with the ministry of industry.

Markets & Trade Agreements

MEFOSA’s scope also includes free trade agreements in the Arab and Euro-Mediterranean region, rules of origin, services, intellectual property rights, investment, and agriculture, as the Arab countries are progressively more signing bilateral, regional, and multilateral trade agreements which are highly interlinked. The World Trade Organization (WTO) represents a set of multilateral agreements; these agreements often unsuitable to developing countries, bilateral free trade agreements put forward better interests, such as the Lebanese Egyptian Trade Committee whose objectives include increasing transfer of goods between the two countries, coordinating the bilateral agreement with other regional agreements, standardized rules and regulations, rules of origin, exhibitions, and quarantine issues.




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