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MEFOSA experts are participating in establishing Lebanese Association for Geographic Appellation (LAGA); its Geographical Indications Conclusions and Recommendations are:

  • The elaboration of a Legal Framework for Quality Labels
  • The creation of an Organism for Protected Designations. It may be an Institute or a National Council. The National Institute of Geographic Appellations
  • The institution is supposed to be able to provide instruments and education to the Agro- Food producers and to watch their work and to protect the Designations of Origin in the inside and outside of markets
  • Setting up, as soon as possible, a mechanism for surveying the existing geographical indications and exploring the available potential
  • The creation of supervisory mechanisms for geographical indications (such as an ad hoc commission and/ or a provisional delegation to qualified bodies, etc.) may be created at the same time as the Institute or National council of designations.

MEFOSA is a partner in a consortium joining AUB and USJ for the Business Incubation Project (AGRIPOLE).

AGRIPOLE mission focus on:

  • 80% delivering of Incubation services with business hosting facilities, it will operate as an INCUBATOR CENTRE and Business Accelerator
  • 20% delivering of Business Support Services and Business Development Services for SMEs, it will operate as a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (BDC )
  • Generating successful companies and accelerating the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies by providing them with a comprehensive and integrated range of business support resources and services, including (incubator space, business support services, and clustering and networking opportunities) that after “graduating” will leave the program financially viable and freestanding”.
  • To contribute to the economic growth of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon country, by supporting the Agro-Economy Sector.
  • Creating New Jobs:

1. By providing fresh graduates and executives with a fighting chance to set up and start their own companies and in turn provide openings for other professionals.

2. By providing new Job opportunities to young professionals and preventing them from seeking careers abroad.

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