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MEFOSA (MENA Food Safety Associates)

Food safety plays a significant role in the national economic and health development by safe guarding the health of the nation, enhancing tourism, national and international trade for production, distribution and consumption of safe food, preventing avoidable losses and conserving natural resources.
The Arab region must attach great importance to ensure that the quality of goods and safe food products are delivered to the market, because such measures are necessary to guarantee the steady growth of the National economy, as well as to protect the lives and health of the Arab people.
Moreover, Food safety is an increasingly important public health issue. Governments are intensifying their efforts to improve food safety in response to increasing numbers of food safety problems and rising consumer concerns.
A simple definition of food safety is protecting people from illness or injury from handling or consuming food. But providing safe food can be complex. Efforts must be applied at every step in the process from where foods are produced across the value supply chain to through where they are consumed. Yet food safety practices, legislation and regulatory oversight vary between and even within nations. These differences can affect the integrity of local, regional and global food supply chains. That’s why we are working to achieve global food systems that are more transparent, harmonized and science-based in order to enhance public health outcomes and strengthen food security.
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