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Dear {subtag:name},


To all the Food Industrialists in Lebanon, and to whom it may concern,

Dear all,

Kindly click here to download the updated invitation to a workshop about Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), that will be held at Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Sidon and South (CCIAS).

Actually, upon the request of CCIAS, MEFOSA accepted to conduct the workshop entitled: “FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT (FSMA), and FOOD EXPORTING TO U.S.A.” for free.

The registration is obligatory.


إلى حضرة الصناعيين الغذائيين في لبنان، وإلى كلّ من يهمّه الأمر،


تحيّة طيّبة وبعد،

نرجو دعوتكم لحضور  ورشة عمل عن قانون تحديث سلامة الغذاء، والتصدير إلى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكيّة في غرفة التجارة والصناعة والزراعة في صيدا والجنوب.

بناءً على طلب غرفة التجارة والصناعة والزراعة في صيدا والجنوب، وافقت شركة ميفوسا بقيام ورشة عمل تحت عنوان: "قانون تحديث سلامة الغذاء والتصدير إلى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكيّة" على نفقتها الخاصة أي مجاناً للحضور. (إضغط هنا لتحميل الدعوة الجديدة).


التسجيل إلزامي.



Best regards,


Helene Ayoub


Services Department


MEFOSA - MENA Food Safety Associates s.a.r.l.


Lions Building # 301 │ 126 Sourati Street │


Hamra, Beirut – Lebanon │ P.O.Box: 113-6382


Tel: +961 1 745744 │Fax: +961 1 739986


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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Dear Concerned,

If you didn’t attend last week workshop on “MEFOSA’S OFFERINGS ON ROOT CAUSES IDENTIFICATION; the most reliable and newest tools in food pathogens identification”, Now, we can provide you with a PDF report of Dr. Ewen Todd’s speech, and Dr. Neil Sharma’s presentation, and other presentations with a 15% discount, so it will cost you 42.5 U.S. $.   

The highlights of the workshop were:

-    NEW FOOD SAFETY PARADIGMS by Eng. Atef Idriss
-    POST-HARVEST FOOD SAFETY ISSUES by Dr. Ewen Todd – Michigan State University
-    APPLIED HUNTER ACCELERATED - PCR® SOLUTIONS by Dr. Neil Sharma – Instant Labs®

If you are interested in this offer, kindly let us know so we can send you the proforma invoice.

Helene Ayoub
Services Department
MEFOSA - MENA Food Safety Associates s.a.r.l.
Lions Building # 301 │ 126 Sourati Street │
Hamra, Beirut – Lebanon │ P.O.Box: 113-6382
Tel: +961 1 745744 │Fax: +961 1 739986
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and food exporting to U.S.A was held on Friday 14/6/2013 at Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa.

Objectives of the workshop:

-          Sharing awareness about the existence of the new FDA FSMA law (Food Safety Modernization Act) with Lebanese food industrialists who are wishing to export their food products to U.S.A., or who are already exporting them.

-          Explaining the main parts and the details of the law to the Lebanese exporters to U.S.A.

-          Emphasizing the role of MEFOSA in addressing the FSMA law.

-          Presenting some of MEFOSA’s technologies that help to achieve FSMA goals.

-          Reviewing and discussing case studies on the actual dramatic situation of some Lebanese exporters and their products, due to the inability of complying with the exports to the U.S.A., and addressing the non-commitment of Lebanese stake holders concerning FSMA/FDA law and addressing its new requirements.

-          Relaying a clear message that FSMA could result in import detentions, recalls, import refusals, and suspension of the registration… of some of the Lebanese products.

Benefits from attending:

-          Acquiring knowledge about the new FSMA law and related FDA and USA laws in general.

-          Acquiring knowledge of what should be done to export safe food to U.S.A.

-          Being aware of the existence of the new technologies that may qualify and quantify some important production food safety concerns like salmonellosis.

Benefits from following the new FDA procedures:

-          The ability and facility of exporting foods to U.S.A.

-          Producing safely in accordance to the new FDA FSMA laws will assure the quality of the product in an International level.


-         Every Industrialist wishing to export his products to U.S.A. should register in the FDA, and follow FSMA law.

-         The exporter should apply the food safety standards across the food supply chain according to the new FDA and related U.S.A. food safety requirements.

-         Food industrialist wishing to export to U.S.A should produce according to the new FDA/U.S.A. requirements.

-         The industrialist should be sure that he is buying his raw material from a certified supplier who is producing them according to the FSMA requirements.

-         There is a need in Lebanon of the accredited sampling process and accredited Laboratories, aiming to address root pathogen causes.

-         The importance of public private partnership (PPP) cooperation with relevant stake holders, Chambers, Private Associations, Academia, and the Government to spread knowledge about critical points of control laws including: ISO, HACCP, Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) to the farming community, and anyone working in the supply chain. This will increase the Lebanese income from agro & agri commerce with the World...

Please click here to view the workshop's pictures


Dear all,

We are pleased to invite you to LGU Career Fair 2013. You can find attached the invitation as well as the program of the conferences that will take place during the fair.

Feel free to forward the invitation to your friends and colleagues.

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,


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