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Atef Idriss • Hurdle technology is your bottom line , and measuring all these variables efficiently and accurately , is what we at MEFOSA can help you quantify with ISO certified technologies that would fit your ISO 22000 certification , should you aim for it.
Visit where you'll find what you need ,or write to me and I can send you the specific articles on Hurdle Technology measurments to better extend and monitor shelf life .

Theresa Scully • Shelf Life is based on 2 Factors- Organoleptic ( taste, dryness,and appearance , visual appearance of mould ) and Microbiological - Ready to eat products should be lysteria free/ 25g ,Salmonella free , Coliform Free , test for moulds (less than 5), Cream based cakes should be tested for Enterobacter , Staph aureus.
Conduct tests by subjecting Product to maximum conditions - ie mimic customer abuse to get optimum results .

Dominador, Jr. Garrovillas • You need to conduct shelf life assessment. This must be based on risk and must include relevant test factors e.g. for food products microbiological and sensory analysis, pH and aw. Consideration should also be given on the external environment where the product will be stored and packed, and the materials used in cake production. The test should be conducted per cake variety.

Atef Idriss • How about I make it a little bit easier for you Andrew ,Hossam,and all of us by empowering you personally do these tests internally in you own company ,while using hand held technologies and kits that are ISO certified (such as a hygiene lumitester ,water activity meter,pH meter , quick plating techniques ,etc...)
You can extend the shelf life of your products each day through proper control and implementation of your CCPs and as such implement the hurdle technology with out a lot of fuss ,and I assure you at a fraction of the cost!
Visit or see the video:

mohamed said • there are many factors to determine the shelf life of Cake ?
1- moisture
2- water activity
3-enzyme activity
4-free fatty acid
5-type and quality of the raw materials used (mainly the fat types and quality)
6- baking conditions, sanitary conditions,packaging, storage conditions
7-every cake factory has to determine the shelf-life of the cakes by itself, according to its own conditions and criterions of shelf-life
Finally, I wish to be helped you

Atef Idriss • Hi Mohamed, MEFOSA can definitely help you address all these variables and allow me to advise you we have technologies for each of your 7 listed variables and much more Packaging ,which is essential component of shel life,is one.If you control same ,you will be able to address shelf life of your exportable products to all the different markets you send your goods to .
Also take a look at the other video addressing item 6 of your list ,sanitary conditions:

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