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Exact Micro 20 for Water Analysis

Analyze  your water by 10 minutes


eXact® Micro 20 Well Driller Kit
Part Number: 486700-WD

1 eXact® Micro 20 Meter (486700)
eXact®Strip Micro DPD-1 (486637-25) (Free Chlorine)
eXact® Strip Micro DPD-3 (486638-25) (Total Chlorine)
eXact® Strip Micro BT-pH (486652-25)
eXact® Strip Micro Total Alkalinity (486641-25)
eXact® Strip Micro Copper (486632-25)
eXact® Strip Micro Nitrate (486655-25)
eXact® Strip Micro Manganese (486606)
eXact® Strip Micro Total Hardness (486673-25)
eXact® Strip Micro High Range Chlorine (486672-25)
eXact® Strip Micro Total Iron, TPTZ (486650-25)
Mini Dilution Kit II (487202)
1 Mixing Cap
1 Cell Cleaning Brush
Instruction Booklet
Plastic Carrying Case
Plastic Stirrer


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Company Overview
A & E Laboratory Instruments Co., Ltd. (formerly known as A & E Lab)
is a high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in R & D, manufacturing,
trading & export comprises various kinds of laboratory, precision &
science instruments in China. Our company boasts of abundant technical
strength and advanced service consciousness. Our products are compact
in size, novel in design & their predominant functions, which are widely
used in agriculture, industry, food, medical treatment, pharmacy,
research institutes, universities, health care units and technology
supervision & measurement bureaus.


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iButtons - are chips that ...

• Have a Unique Identity
• Act as Electronic Labels
• Can operate autonomously or within and electronic system


• 64-bit Unique and Unalterable ID Number
– Laser engraved at the time of manufacture, on the
chip and the can  
– Over 280 trillion available addresses  
1-Wire  Protocol
– Single Data contact with a GND reference
– “Multi-drop” buttons form a 1-Wire Net
Very Rugged
– Stainless steel “can” protects the device
– Withstands harsh environments
• water, dirt, and chemicals
– Wide temp range


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