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Do you care which ocean or fish farm your seafood comes from?

If the restaurant doesn’t tell you, do you ask? is it worth risking your health and the health of your family aquacultured (farm-raised) seafood has become the fastest growing sector of the world food economy and accounts for nearly half of all seafood production worldwide.


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Farming has changed over the past 100 years from being a structured enterprise activity. In order to
generate the efficiency in your production and avoid the majority of failures on your land MEFOSA suggests you IMPLEMENT AGDATA ERP solutions in your business.

AGDATA the new production software is designed for simplicity and flexibility of operation, having this single software package is the complete and seamless integration between financial and production records, and related Good Agricultural Practices.


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Melamine is a organic raw material for the resin industry. It has many industrial uses, including in the
production of laminates, glues, adhesives, moulding compounds, coatings and flame retardants. Overdose or
repetitive intaking of melamine in human being would cause bladder and kindey damage, even stones in the
urine system. Currently, melamine is determined with chromatography technology like GC-MS, LC-MS/MS,
which is regarded as time-consuming and expensive. This product is based on indirect competitive ELISA,
which is rapid , accurate and sensitive compared with conventional instrmental analysis. It needs only 45min in
one operation, which can considerably reduce operation error and work intensity.


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Erythromycin is a macrolide antibiotic, which is applied as antibacterial and anti mycoplasma infective, as well as pig feed additives improving feed transformation efficiency and increasing body weight.

This kit is a new product for drug residual detection based on ELISA technology, which only costs 1h in each operation and can considerably minimize operation errors and work intensity compared with instrumental analysis.


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It  has  been  dictated  in  EU  No.675/92  Decree(March 18th,1992) that the total tetracyclines detected in muscle or
milk must not exceed 100ppb, and the total tetracyclines in kidney, liver and eggs must not exceed 600ppb, 300ppb and

The determination of tetracycline residue is carried out with  HPLC.  Sample  preparation  using this method is  time
consuming  and  need  expensive  experimental  equipments. This kit is quite accurate and sensitive, which requires simple
operation techniques, less time in detection and can detect
more samples.


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BatchMaster’s integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application suite provides supervisors and
managers an enhanced view of their entire business, enabling them to make more timely decisions. Finally,
BatchMaster Sot ware has, by far, the most resources dedicated to the process manufacturing ERP mid market,
with over 100 dedicated professionals on staff . BatchMaster Sot ware maintains a close connection with all
its customers, augmented with the local presence of over 100 Channel Partners making up its worldwide
distribution network. 


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