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What is the water activity?
The water activity of foodstuffs is a very  important aspect of food preservation. The
growth of the various microorganisms stops  at a given level of water activity and a
comprehensive knowledge of these levels is essential for food processors as well as for
research purposes. 


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Deep-frying is becoming more and more popular. When deep-frying,

oil tester

the water contained in the product is used for cooking.

The water is vaporized due to the hot oil,

which is typically 170 to 175 degree C. In this way,

a type of "vapor baking" takes place. However, the cooking oil used has to be fresh.




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We proudly announces the release of our new Pool Check® 6 in 1 Test Strips.



This affordable test strip is designed to give you fast poolside water chemistry results. Our strips have a patentened chemistry with a wider range of detection levels. One strip tests 6 different pool water parameters: cyanuric acid, total chlorine, free chlorine, total hardness, total alkalinity and pH.

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It has been a busy year so far at Dickson, updating our existing products, as well as releasing brand-new instruments to simplify and enhance your monitoring experience. We understand how important it is to have the most accurate data, exactly when you need it, even when your instrument is due for calibration. It is our goal to take the hassle out of re-calibrating your Dickson Data Loggers! To make this a reality we have developed what we call a Pre-Calibrated Sensor, or PCS for short.

The Pre-Calibrated Sensor is:

  • User Replaceable - rather than taking the time to return your unit to Dickson for re-calibration, you can simply purchase a new pre-calibrated sensor to replace your existing sensor. 
  • Affordable - Save money by not paying for shipping back your instrument and taxes.
  • Convenient - You will never be without your monitoring device or lose any critical data. When you get the replacement, simply remove the old sensor and pop on the new one!


PCS and DicksonOne Logger

This new sensor is simple, quick, and cost effective.  Feel free to email or call today to find out more information about our PCS compatible instruments! The PCS is a temperature or temperature & humidity sensor that is calibrated in our accredited laboratory and is compatible with our new Touchscreen and WiZARD2 Wireless and Ethernet Data Loggers. 

If you have any questions feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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Summer 2012 (CD254) Catalog

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Dickson WiZARD2 Wireless Monitoring

Dickson Wireless WiZARD2

Dickson FH635 Touchscreen




The first meter to read Combined Chlorine directly with 0.01 precision and no math!

Complex chemistry made simple, accurate, and fast!




Non-technical procedure (only 1 reagent for each direct read test)

  • Sample cell and countdown timer built-in (no vial or timer to handle)


  • Determines the exact amount of "Shock" required (multiply combined chlorine value by 10)

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What ReadySnap provides to you?


Predetermined values to verify the accuracy of your tests(including eXact® photometers, Quick™ Arsenic, etc).

Each ampoule contains 10 ml with no dilution required.

Ready for field use (1 box has 10 ampoules of solution).

Easy 3 step procedure (snap, fill and test).

For additional information about the our complete line of test strips, reagents,

and water quality testing devices, please click here.

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