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Now  that the 2012 United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development is
over,  the   bimonthly  newsletter  “Rio  20 Times” that has been a “travel
guide”  on  the road to this global event throughout a whole year, has also
come  to  the  end of its journey.  We hope that the message our newsletter
has  tried  to  convey  would  not be forgotten with the end of that global
event  for,  as  the Secretary- General said “the work has just begun”. The
implementation   of  the  post  Rio  Agenda,  the  SDG  identification  and
negotiation  process,  the agreement on the new institutional framework for
Sustainable  Development  represent  just  few  milestones to be taken into
account  for  the  future. What constitutes the end of a journey might well
prove to be the beginning of a new one.

Please click here to view the Arabic version of the last issue of Rio20 Times
(June/July 2012) which covers the following:

* Rio + 20 Is Over. Now What?

* ESCWA at Rio+20 Conference

* The End of a Journey

* Summary of the major events covered in Rio 20 Times Issues

Please click here for the English version of the same will follow in a subsequent message.

You may also consult the present and all past issues of this newsletter by contacting us

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Pingfan Rao, IUFoST President


From left: Julio Nitzke (Brazil), Lim Chee Kian (Singapore), Luu Dzuan (President of VAFST) and Atef Idriss (Lebanon)


"World hunger, food security and food safety issues cannot be solved without food scientists and technologists. Governmental and international bodies working to improve conditions nationally and globally need the help of food scientists to reduce waste, improve nutrition and secure enough food for all. To ignore the importance of this scientific discipline is to reduce the effectiveness of current and prospective programmes for food, health and wellness, food safety and food security."


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Updated Guidance Improves Food Facility Registration

FDA releases an updated guidance, Draft Guidance for Industry: Necessity of the Use of Food Categories in Food Facility Registrations and Updates to Food Categories, to propose additional food categories to be included in the food facility registration form as mandatory fields, including food categories that are currently included form as optional fields. Read more on registration under the FSMA.

For more information on FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act, visit


CVM Update - FDA Announces Draft Guidance on Food Categories in Food Facility



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Clif Bar & Company is initiating a voluntary recall today of a small amount of 12-pack Blueberry Crisp CLIF® Bars and

individual mislabeled Blueberry Crisp CLIF Bars in Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar Wrappers with one "Best By" date 17MAR13G3

that were distributed to a limited number of stores predominately east of the Mississippi. The 12-packs may contain Blueberry

Crisp CLIF Bars that are mislabeled with Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar wrappers and do not list almonds in the ingredient statement.

Clif is taking this precautionary safety step for people who are allergic to almonds.

For detailed information pertaining to this Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts message, please click the link

at the beginning of this bulletin.


One Day Training Course “US Food Safety Regulation & Salmonella spp”

On 19th of July 2012, MEFOSA, with the cooperation of SLFI (Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industrialists), has organized a one day

training course about “US Food Safety Regulation & Salmonella spp”. This events aims to sensitize the stakheholders, mainly the

Lebanese exporters, on the current US Regulation related to Food Safety, its updates and the US FDA programs and its

consequences to the US Market access. This workshop also address the issue of salmonellosis. During this day, different

analytical methods to detect Salmonella and practical approach to eradicate Salmonella in the products were exposed.

Please click here to view images of this event




MEFOSA Participated at "Taste of America”

to Introduce Quality American Technologies to Lebanon



“Taste of America” is an event sponsored by the Embassy’s Commercial Service designed to showcase the goods and services of U.S. companies providing American cuisine to Lebanese consumers. The Commercial Service has hosted “Taste of America” events twice in the last two years, in March 2010 and December 2011. Given the success of these events, we plan to host a third “Taste of America” exhibition, which took place in 2010 and December 2011.

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