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MEFOSA Consultancies, Auditing, Training, Research and more…

Food Quality & Safety Auditing MEFOSA is specialized in raising food hygiene

and quality standards in companies engaged in catering, processing and distribution

of food products. We aim to provide a service designed to ensure the safety of

your products and your customers....


Food Security & Agribusiness Consultancy

The objective of the Agri Business Consultancy Services is to provide quality

consulting to entrepreneurs who venture into Hi-Tech agriculture. We offer a package

of comprehensive services to a wide range of clientele....


Sustainability and Policy Development

Lebanon is known for its free economy which is however hindered by the region’s

instability. MEFOSA is hence concerned with the growth of the Lebanese industry, economy,

and trade through the development of national, regional, and international policies...


Markets & Trade Agreements

MEFOSA’s scope also includes free trade agreements in the Arab and Euro-Mediterranean

region, rules of origin, services, intellectual property rights, investment, and agriculture,

as the Arab countries are progressively more signing bilateral, regional, and multilateral

trade agreements which are highly interlinked....


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Dickson Means Data.

And we mean business too. We know that products, processes, buildings, and monitoring application is vital to your business. For that reason, Dickson has been designing and manufacturing reliable data logging devices for over 80 years and continues to do so today.


Zero and Span Adjustments  & Calibrations.


When Dickson is calibrating a data logger or chart recorder we can make one of two adjustments: Zero and Span adjustments. So, what are the differences between the two?
A Zero adjustment is making the same change across the entire scale. For example, if  you  adjust  -10  degrees  up  two  degrees  then  you  are  also  adjusting  78  up  two degrees. Zero adjustments are good if your device is always used at a specific tem -perature  (like  in  a  freezer).  This  process  allows  the  device  to  be  extremely  accurate
at  a  given  point.  The  downside  of  this  process  is  that  if  a  unit  is  out  of  the  stated accuracy  at  -10,  but  not  78  then  the  same  change  is  made  across  the  entire  scale, thus bringing the 78 out of its stated accuracy.
The  solution  for  this  situation  is  a  Span  adjustment.  A  span  calibration  consists  of precise  adjustments  at  multiple  points.  This  means  that  if  -10  is  reading  2  degrees off  and  78  is  only  reading  ½  a  degree  off  then  -10  will  be  adjusted  by  2  degrees and  78  will  be  adjusted  by  only  ½  a  degree.  This  will  ensure  the  device  is  within it’s  stated  accuracy  across  the  entire  scale,  but  may  not  be  as  accurate  at  a  given point  as  a  Zero  adjustment.  Span  calibrations  are  ideal  when  you  are  monitoring temperatures  that  vary  across  the  entire  scale,  for  example,  monitoring  a  freezing and thawing cycle.


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عزا رئيس لجنة تجار المواشي في غرفة جدة سليمان الجابري، ارتفاع أسعار اللحوم الحمراء إلى عدم وجود دعم للأغنام من قبل الحكومة، وقال لـ«الحياة»،: «إن أسعار الأغنام غالية من بلد المنشأ وليس لنا علاقة بزيادة أسعارها، إذ إن هذا الغلاء عالمي، والأسعار تزيد كل يوم».
وأضاف: «الحكومة قامت بدعم الأعلاف والشعير وغيرها، إلا الأغنام لم يتم دعمها، ونقوم بالاستيراد من الكويت لأن الحكومة الكويتية تدعم الأغنام، ويتم الاستيراد حالياً من السودان والصومال، ولا توجد دول غيرهما يتم الاستيراد منهما في الوقت الحالي».
من جانبه، أكد رئيس مجلس إدارة مجموعة شركات أبناء عبدالله العلي المنجم، علي بن عبدالله المنجم، ارتفاع أسعار اللحوم المجمدة من بلد المصدر مثل البرازيل وغيرها من الدول الأخرى، وقال: «إننا نعمل على استيراد اللحوم المجمدة من جميع الدول، ونحرص على جودة ونوعية اللحوم التي نستوردها، ولكن الارتفاع الحاصل في الأسعار عالمي».

أنقر هنا لقراءة المقالة كاملة

The final version of the National Social Development Strategy of Lebanon was prepared based on a draft version of
the Strategy that was commissioned to the Consultation and Research Institute (CRI) by the Ministry of Social Affairs,
 with the contribution of:
The “Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction” Programme, supported by the United Nations Development Programme
The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Social Issues (IMC),
Dr. Nada Mneimneh, Director, Education Sector Development Secretariat, Ministry of Education and Higher
Dr. Maha Yahya, Regional Social Advisor, UN-ESCWA,
Dr. Haneen Sayed, Human Development Coordinator - Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, World Bank,
Mr. Sami Feghali, Council for Development and Reconstruction,
Dr. Elie Mekhael, Secretary General of the Higher Childhood Council, Ministry of Social Affairs
Ms. Hala El-Helou, Consultant for the Ministry of Social Affairs
Ms. Sawsan Mehdi, Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs and Senior Expert at the Italian Embassy-Development
Cooperation Office.


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Published: July 19, 2011
ATHENS — An emergency meeting of European leaders in Brussels on Thursday to discuss another
Greek bailout will decide the future of the euro. If they do what they have done so often since the
crisis first began in Greece some 18 months ago, they will simply have kicked the can down the road.
Contagion is almost inevitable. A problem that began in the periphery has now moved to the center,
and while Spain and Italy have been the most shaken, other nations will almost surely be affected in
coming months.


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